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Our Carpet Cleaning Services In Merrick

Dirt particles have the powers to destroy the fibers, and texture of your carpet, leaving them grimy and dusty. If you are facing such issues, then Merrick Carpet Cleaning is the perfect stop for your carpet cleaning needs. We are professionals in the carpet cleaning process and we assure that we have what it takes to make your carpets healthier, smell fresher, and prove to be long lasting for use. Merrick Carpet Cleaning is an elite name of New York Carpet Cleaning, and our services are quite straightforward. Merrick Carpet Cleaning uses a unique approach to Carpet Cleaning to ensure we provide a better experience to our valued customers. We use powerful vacuums, and extraction methods to extract grime, and dirt from your precious carpets, giving them a deeper, and noticeable clean. Apart from using vacuums, we use moisture steam cleaners; this allows any carpet to dry sooner s and helps to prevent the growth of mildew and mold underneath your carpet.

Thorough Inspection

Before our experts start with the carpet cleaning service, they primarily do a thorough inspection of your carpets. At this stage, they pay particular attention to details like the quality of fibers, amount of dirt, dust mite infestation problem, and signs of tears in the carpets.

Vacuum Cleaning

Initially, our team of professionals will use vacuums to clean the carpets. This helps to extract dirt and dust from the surface. When they use vacuums, they attend to every edge and inch of the carpet to make sure the vacuum process takes place properly.

Pre-Treatment Process

Once the dust particles are out, our technician’s pre-treat spots, and stains. They use organic, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly product to get rid of food stains, pet stains, odors, and similar agents. The organic products are poured onto the carpets and left for some time to settle down.

The Cleaning

When cleaning time approaches, we make use of steam cleaners. This helps to eliminate stains, dirt, and odors thoroughly, which standard vacuums can’t tackle.

Drying Stage

We use the drying methods to remove excessive water completely. Generally, standard drying takes as much as eight hours, but at Merrick Carpet Cleaning, we use the best equipment and methods to remove moisture from carpets.

Final Touch Up

Sometimes, carpets require additional touches to enhance their beauty. Our experts can attend to minor and major details to ensure your carpets appear new once again. If you aren’t happy with any aspect of the carpet cleaning, feel free to inform our technicians and they will readily attend to it.

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